7 Day Conference (30000 JPY) : Application and Registration Form > HERE !!

This 7 day conference is for members of the fab lab community: fab labs, fab lab users and researchers, and those interested in starting their own fab labs. As capacity is limited for the one-week forum, if the number of registrations exceeds 250, a selection process may be required. It cost 30000 JPY including morning cofee and fruits (not breakfast), lunch box, snacks and coffee break, DIWO dinner for first three days, Fab Expo and Symposium, and welcome gifts including special FabLab T-shirts. Super Fab Lab is available all the time during Fab9. Program is here.


1 Day Fab Expo (10000 JPY): Application and Registration Form > HERE !!

1 Day Fab Expo is for all the people having interests in fab lab, personal fabrication, maker movement. This big event will be held on August 26th. It consists of Open Lab/Open House/Exhibition in the morning and Fab Symposium in the afternoon. Fab Symposium will be held at KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theatre). Fab Lab members from all over the world will introduce various aspects/practices of Fab Labs in "TED" style. Program is here.







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