Fab9 Team
Neil Gershenfeld/ Director, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT
Hiroya Tanaka / Director, Social Fabrication Center, Keio SFC
Sherry Lassiter/ Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT/ Global FabLab Network

Youka Watanabe/ FabLab Kamakura, Visiting researcher SFC (DESIGN)
Shohei Aoki/ the University of Tokyo, Visiting researcher SFC (TECHNOLOGY)
Daijiro Mizuno/ Co-Director, Social Fabrication Center, Keio SFC (FOOD)
Hironori Iwasaki/ Visiting researcher, Social Fabrication Center, Keio SFC (SYMPOSIUM)
Yasuaki Kakehi/ Co-Director, Social Fabrication Center, Keio SFC (EXHIBITIONS)
Kazuo Ohno/ International Media Research Foundation (tresurer)
Hiroki Sugiura/ Yokohama Community Design Lab (MEDIA RELATIONS)

if you need an official invitation letter, please ask us "info @ fab9jp.com"


The first time I attended the Annual Fab Lab forum was Fab5 in India in 2009. I was the only one Japanese there. One of the things I was surprised was that Fab Lab Network was growing as the very diverse community (see "What is FabLab in three words"). Since Fab people inspired me a lot, soon after the conference, I decided to start the lab in Japan.

I have kept attending Fab Lab Forums.

Fab6 in Amsterdam (2010) with 1 friend, Fab7 in Peru (2011) with 3 friends, Fab8 in New Zealand (2012) with 6 friends. Fortunately, the number of participants from Japan is doubling, and also the number of Fab Labs in Japan is doubling (remember "Lass's Law").

I am so delighted to host Fab9 in Japan for this year. Yokohama is famous as the creative, international citiy in Japan. I cannot wait for seeing Fab people again and having intensive discussions for glocal (global and local) futures.





METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

City of Yokohama