8/28-31 Optional Tours

The conference will end on August 27th. For those who are interested in visiting other FabLabs and local areas in Japan, we offer additional "Mini Tour(s)" from August 28th to August 29th. Each FabLab (except Yokohama as the main venue for FAB9) will invite and guide you. Please note that this is an additional event to the main conference. For details, please contact to each FabLab as follows. Since most of FabLabs in Japan are "mini", some of the labs would limit the number of participants for some cases. We will announce our plans during the main conference.


(1) FabLab Sendai Tour (including Tsunami-Hit area and/or Traditional Crafts)

"Sendai tour will be four days. and We suggest two plans."

Tour Details
Lab Website

Date: August 28th - 29th - 30th -31th
Mail Contact: flat ( a t ) annolab.com

(2) FPGA-Cafe/FabLab Tsukuba Tour (including Crazy Geeks' Spot AKIHABARA)

""FPGA-CAFE/FabLab Tsukuba" is a communication space for Scientists, Engineers and Artists. Our space is for any kind of creators who wish to develop their own products or show off their skills. Of course you can enjoy our coffee or tea as well.."

Tour Details
Lab Movie
Lab Website

Date: August 29th
Mail Contact: susu ( a t ) fpgacafe.com


(3) Roland DG Factory & Hamamatsu HQ Creative Center Tour

Japanese”MONO-zukuri”experience at Roland DG Miyakoda Plant & Hamamatsu HQ Creative Center.
This is a rare chance to see inside the factory. You will get a real sense of our approach to manufacturing by feeling for yourself.

Tour Details

Date: August 28th
Mail Contact: rdg-koho( a t )rolanddg.co.jp

(4) FabLab Kitakagaya Tour (including Kyoto, Osaka, Kid's Plaza)

In this tour, we explore two bustling and creative cities, Osaka and Kyoto in Kansai (West side of Japan) region. This region is know as a heart of Japanese culture with long history, providing many opportunities to unique experiences of the mixture of
traditional and modern craftsmanship.

Tour Details
Lab Movie
Lab Website

Date: August 28th - 29th
Mail Contact: tsudakazutoshi ( a t ) fablabkitakagaya.org

(5) FabLab Kamakura Tour (including visiting traditional building and KIMONO workshop)

Kamakura is considered a highlight amongst historical cities in Japan, where you can still feel the atmosphere of traditional culture. FabLab Kamakura is located in a renovated 125 year old sake warehouse. It is a traditional wooden structure built using ancient joinery techniques.

Tour Details
Tour Reservation
/ Workshop Reservation
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Date: 28&29th Aug. 10:00-11:00/13:00-14:00/15:00-16:00
Mail Contact: fablabkamakura.ws ( a t ) gmail.com


(6) FAB9 Shibuya Area Tour (including FabLab Shibuya, FabCafe, Shibuya zukousitsu)

Shibuya is one of the most exciting, trendsetting area and the center of youth culture in Tokyo. Nowadays, we can see significant growth of open fabrication spaces as well as co-working spaces.

This self-guided tour participants can get the "Fab Map" which indicates various fab related point of interests around Shibuya.

Tour Details

Date: August 28, Wed. 11:00-18:00
Mail Contact: info ( a t ) fablabshibuya.org
Venue: FabLab Shibuya, Fab Cafe, Shibuya Zuko







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